Life reflected in work

Lately I have been working on a romantic comedy which I have been excited about since the start of the year. It is a typical story where the protagonist is down on her luck and utterly miserable as she tries to overcome a life changing event. Along comes Prince Charming… He tries to save her, blah, blah, blah, happy ending.

Then along comes my BFF, writers block. She is definitely one of those friends you love to hate.

Due to life giving me lemons at present, I am really struggling with a happy ending for my story. In fact, nothing along the lines of happy has graced my story of late, and it’s killing me.

On the other hand, when I consider my life in an alternate universe, and the paths that are ready and waiting for me, I wonder if an anti-romance would be the way to go. I may have to return pen to paper and plan a new meet cute and whirlwind romance for a new unsuspecting couple to endure. Perhaps when I get out all of this negativity out of my system, then I could return to rainbows, kittens, and all things pink and fluffy.

We can only wait and see.