The Special Two

Most of us have had that one crazy friend. The one who can read the mischief on your face, and give you the little push needed to start a new adventure. She was emotional, beautiful, confident, extroverted, and encouraged me to embrace my weird. We were inseparable. I recall hours talking about fictional characters as if they went to school with us, enjoying crazy nights out supporting local bands, and those sleep overs staying up talking about boys. No one knew me like she knew me.

Then one day, I told her I was pregnant. That was the day I lost my best friend. Out of all of my friends, she was supposed to be the most supportive and encouraging, but she wasn’t there for me like I hoped she would be. Everyone else whom I thought would judge me for being a mother at 20 were amazing. They asked questions, they asked how I was feeling, they told me everything will be okay. I was scared, and my best friend wasn’t there to tell me that this was a new adventure, and to embrace it.

She was still there in the shadows, politely making small talk, and offering me her friendship from afar. I would hear of her wild nights out with her new friends, supporting local bands and meeting new boys. My tales of nights spent at home with my partner, feasting and watching cheesy films just did not compare… My nights were perfect.

I realised that I had a new best friend. Someone I could lounge around the house with, play fight with, talk about anything with, plan a future with. Out of love, we created a tiny human being, and that is a special bond. As my little girl grows into a young lady, I am going to encourage her to embrace her weird, teach her to be adventurous and support her no matter what.

We may not be close friends now, but still we see each other every now and then. I will always cherish the adventures we had, and appreciate the times she made me feel ‘normal’.