A room with a view

Crisp white sheets embrace me as I wake to the morning light seeping through the curtains. The smell of salt and the sound of the ocean crashing into the nearby cliffs comforts me as I search for the energy to rise up. After long minutes of staring at the ceiling and enjoying the warmth of my bed, I finally found the strength to leave the most comfortable place in the world, and face the new day.

I was drawn to the large bay window which overwhelmed the room, and drew the pale blue curtains which now outlined the dark timber frame. I inhaled a small breath as I welcomed the morning light and bathed in its warmth. On the other side of the glass were endless fields of green which eventually greeted the blue cloudless sky above. Faint grey lines of old stone walls were visible here and there, separating one farmers field from another.

Once dressed, I make my way into the small country kitchen at the back of my small cottage. The white kitchen cupboards creaked as I opened them, another small comfort my little home provided me with. While I wait for my kettle to boil, I glance out of kitchen window and farewell the early morning boats heading out from the shore below, as they begin their day of work, and the view of the multi-coloured buildings in the small coastline town was picture perfect from where I was standing.


… One of my dreams is to live in a cottage in a small town in the south of Ireland, surrounded by fields and close to the ocean.