Through my front window, tiny flecks of light are peeking through the spaces between the leaves and making patterns on my walls. Golden shapes dancing and flickering against the plain white surface. As I reach out to the warmth of the light, it begins to disappear as shadows creep and now linger at my window. I can feel the chill haunting the glass panes as I stand before the window, trying to find the light that cheerfully played before me only moments ago.

The sky is grey, and everything outside is still. In one small moment, I caught the change of the seasons. The golden light which once reflected off of the auburn leaves dancing in the wind, have been replaced with a dim grey shadow, weighing down the dark leaves. As I crossed my arms and hugged myself for warmth I heard a large rumble through the sky. The noise was so majestic that it reverberated through my walls and rattled my belongings. It was a greeting from winter itself, making his presence clear, and stating his intentions.

Hello Winter.